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Heavy Duty Rumble Strips Bangalore

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Brand : H2 - AIS

Hsn Code : 4016

Model No. : AISHRS25MM

Reflection : Not Available

Dimension : 500*100*25 MM

Capacity : 10-15 Tons

Weight : 3 kg

Color : yellow and black

Others : Price Indicated for 1 Meter

UOM : Meter

Material : Hard Rubber with ABS

Availability: In Stock

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Product Details:

Heavy Duty Rumble Strips

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Low profile rumble strips for moderating vehicle speed

 A durable and versatile low profile rubber rumble strip for use as a speed moderator or lane divider on roadways. Ideal in residential complexes to slow the flow of vehicles. Alternatively, it can be used as a wall mounted bump protector.

Manufactured from recycled rubber, 500mm long x 110mm wide x 25mm thick. Can be installed with appropriate masonry fixings or glued using a suitable adhesive.

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