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LED Traffic Blinker AC DC Bangalore

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Brand : GOLED

Hsn Code : 8543

Model No. : PTSEDBL

PCB used : 1.5 MM Thick

Diameter : 200 MM

LED : 140 Nos

Diameter : 300 MM

Led : 176 Nos

Power : 12 V DC / 230 AC

Body Material : Molded Poly carbonate

Uom : Number

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Product Details:

LED Traffic Blinker AC and DC Suppliers

Solar LED Blinker light Blinker Unit. They have blinking cycle of Blinking mode 1 sec & Off mode for 1 sec. They are generally used as a symbol of some warning. This blinkers are available in Amber, Red color. Green Blinking signal is rarely used. This Solar Road Safety Warning Blinker uses solar energy to operate the signal. So there is no need of Electricity supply.

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