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Plastic Barricade 1 Meter Bangalore

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Brand : RSI

Hsn Code : 3926

Model No. : AISTB800M1

Reflection : HIP Strips on Top

Dimension : L : 1 Meters | H : 800 MM | Base : 500 MM

Color : Red

Weight : 7 kg

Filled weight : 18 Kg

Material : Plastic / PVC

UOM : No

Price Indicated : For 1 Number

Availability: In Stock

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Product Details:

Plastic Barricade 1 Meter Dealers in Bangalore

Lightweight  water filled barriers can be used in any situation where you need to protect pedestrians, vehicles or machinery from potentially dangerous situations. Water Filled barriers simply join together using convient joints which provides an economical delineation barricade. Forklift grooves allow these barriers to be stacked and installed. The safety barrier should be filled to the maximum water level hole.


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