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Heavy Duty Plastic Hump-50mm Bangalore

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Brand : Safety India

Hsn Code : 3926

Model No. : RSI75075MM

UOM : Meter

Dimension : 250x350x50 MM x 4 Nos / Meter

Material : PVC / ABS

Quantity : 4 Nos Per Meter

Reflection : Aluminum With HIP

Weight : 10.5 kg / Meter

Capacity : 25-40 Tons

Color : 2 Nos Yellow / 2 Nos Black

Price Indicated : Per Meter

Availability: In Stock

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Product Details:

Abs With Rubber-heavy Duty Hump 40ton Capacity, Controlling vehicle speed with a plastic speed bump 

Speed bumps are becoming one of the most popular road products for commercial and residential areas, often clients wonder if they are easy to install and they ask us always this question: How to install rubber speed bumps?

In this article we will give you a guide step by step so you will find the answer on How do you install rubber speed bumps? Also the answer will be given about how to install speed bumps in asphalt and how to install speed bumps in concrete in addition we will over the topic of How much does it cost to put in a speed bump? You will find a complete Speed Bump and hump installation guide.

But first lets describes some important facts about speed bumps. Speed bumps are used to slow cars down to 2-5 mph, making parking lots safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, they are very easy to install. Our heavy-duty economy speed bump measurement for each middle section length is 72″ and weighs around 48 lbs. Unimat 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps are constructed with high quality. These 6 foot economy rubber speed bumps are designed to reduce and control the speed of vehicles in parking lots, schools, parking areas and roadways. Our speed bumps include high visibility yellow stripes which are molded into the speed bump for durability and embedded glass reflectors for increased visibility. These middle sections can be joined with end caps to form a complete speed bump. They are easily cut to custom lengths to fit any area, also they are weather and chemical resistant.

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