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Metal Road Stud Bangalore

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Brand : RSI

Hsn Code : 7326

Model No. : PTSALUSD

Reflection : pvc Reflective strip

Color : Red, Yellow, White

Capacity : Two way Reflective

Weight : 140 Grams

Material : Aluminium Alloy

Price Indicated : Per 1 Number

UOM : Number

Dimension : 100x100x20MM

Offer Price : Only for 100 Nos and Above

Availability: In Stock

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Product Details:

Advantages  of Metal Road Stud:

  • Durable

  • Wet and dry retro reflective

  • Impact resistant
  • Abrasion resistant 

    Rumble effect

  • Compatible with standard epoxy adhesives



1.Strong pressure resistance ability: It was indestructible, made of Aluminum Alloy material, can bear capacity over 30 tons from the vehicle tires.

2.Long Reflective ability: the reflector creates an effect of diamond, driver can feel the reflection at 350m far away. So it is useful for driving in the night.

3.Excellent Anti-corrosion ability: It can endure the corrosion of water, oil, grit and chemical material.

4.Good heat-resistant ability: Be used in temperature range -40°C to 60°C.

5.Strong adhesion: reflective layer is not easy to grind off because it fixed to the road by an anti-twist stem for added stability.

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