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600MM Half Doom Mirror Bangalore

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Brand : RSI / H2

Hsn Code : 3926

Model No. : PTSHDM600

Dome Mirror Style : Half Dome

Size : 600 mm / 24" Diameter

Viewing Angle : 180 Degrees

Lens Material : Acrylic Mirror

Mounting Location : Wall/Ceiling

Mirror Environment : Indoor

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Price Indicated : Per No

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Product Details:

600MM Half Doom Mirror  for Godowns and Industries

Half Doom Mirror Mirrors are widely used for surveillance and accident prevention in retail, industrial and office environments. Made of a lightweight Perspex that will not fade or discolour, this makes the mirror great for long term placement. These safety mirrors are the ideal solution where general surveillance of a broad area is required. The Half Dome Mirror is ideal for T intersections, as it provides a 180 degree view of surroundings. Dome mirror comes complete with pre-drilled holes.


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